CASL proudly supports PIAC

18 June 2021:
CASL is proud to partner with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) in supporting its Adverse Costs Order (ACO) Guarantee Scheme for FY22.

PIAC is an independent, non-profit law and policy organisation dedicated to obtaining social justice for disadvantaged individuals, and at the broader, systemic level. PIAC also runs test cases and strategic litigation in the public interest.

In 2016 PIAC set up its ACO Guarantee Scheme, partnering with litigation funders . The Scheme allows PIAC’s public interest cases to go ahead in circumstances where the risk of an ‘adverse costs order’ would discourage clients from proceeding with their case. PIAC’s clients are indemnified so that they can proceed with their cases without having to risk their assets or income. This important initiative helps to facilitate access to justice for PIAC’s clients, which CASL supports with its commitment to the Scheme.

To find out more about PIAC and the important work that it does, please visit: