History is written by the bold steps you take.

Our History

CASL was established in 2020 by John Walker and Stuart Price.

Regarded as one of the original pioneers of the global litigation funding industry, John Walker co-founded IMF Bentham (now Omni Bridgeway) in 2001 and founded Investor Claim Partner (ICP) in 2016.

The success of ICP and the rapidly changing regulatory and economic environment, framed a vision to establish CASL as a successor to ICP with a broader mandate and deeper resources to meet the demand in the market.

CASL, like its namesake, embodies a symbol of strength, integrity, solidarity and longevity and will be considered a beacon of hope for many.

A level playing field providing access to the legal system to prosecute legitimate claims is a cornerstone of society and Australia has been a global leader. CASL intends to expand its footprint in Australia, as well as offshore including Asia, by attracting like-minded professionals to the team.


Our Team

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